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Round Seat Cushion Medical

Round Seat Cushion Medical

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Inflatable Vinyl Ring Round Seat Cushion Medical Hemorrhoid Pillow Donut Free Pump Rubber Inflatable Seat Pad 34*12 cm

Product name: Inflatable Cushion
Material: PVC
Color: Blue only
Size:(About) 34 * 12 cm
Withstand weight: 100kg

For people:
For long-term bed rest and body leaner
1, disabled people in a wheelchair, prone to hemorrhoids, use the air cushion to isolate the buttocks and seat to avoid hemorrhoids
2, long-term desk work, using the computer, using the air cushion, can reduce the feeling of hip compression, and sitting a day does not feel tiring.
3. Protect the fracture site of the tailbone.

Package Included:
1PC * Inflatable Cushion
1PC * Inflator

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